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MechDirect is an on demand mechanic service that has brought revolution to the mechanic industry in Nigeria. At MechDirect, our business model has made it possible for you to simply request for auto services anywhere in Nigeria and have a repairer (fixer) arrive at your location in the shortest time possible. Don’t be stranded, request for a fixer now and get your car fixed.

autSalient Features of MechDirect

  • Users can request for a fixer anywhere in Nigeria.
  • The fixer has the option to accept or reject a fix.
  • If fixer accepts the fix, fixer details are sent to the customer along with ETA.
  • The customer can track the fixer as he arrives to his location.
  • The fixer can also track the exact location of the customer.
  • The payment procedure is handled by your level of negotiation with the fixer.
  • MechDirect business model has a rating system in place for fixers, where a customer can rate the fixer after his fix.

Value Propositions


  • No need to be stranded anymore when your car gets spoilt..
  • Prices are lesser than the normal fix fee.
  • Your convenience matters.
  • Don’t think that you are alone, We, at MechDirect, have got your back, Just a click and we’ll fix it all for you.


  • Additional source of income.
  • Flexible working schedules. Can work part time or simply whenever they like.
  • Easy payment procedure.
  • Do you need a mobile workspace while still waiting for money to get a workshop or space?
  • Just sign up on MechDirect as a fixer and you have a mobile workspace where you can get request to get car fixed.
  • MechDirect pays fixers to be online, even if they don’t get any request.

Customer Segments

Customers for MechDirect are those :

Whose car is spoilt

  • Do not want to be stranded when their cars develop fault.
  • Like to drive without the fear of their cars getting fault.
  • Want a cost-efficient auto service at the need of the hour.
  • You can choose from a wide range of auto service specialties like mechanical services, re-wire work, and panel beating.